Monday, July 13, 2009

Self Absorbed

Greeting dear reader. Welcome to the Sword and the Butterfly, an elegant way-side inn. Are you thirsty? What is your pleasure? Do you require wine? Perhaps spirits of some sort? The house specialty is a lovely Peach Vodka and Ginger Ale drink that I concocted myself. It is sure to please the palate and lighten your senses. Are you hungry? My culinary talents are renowned. I promise you won't be disappointed. Perhaps what you crave is a little more... personal? Our rooms are luxurious and created for the utmost discression of our guests.

Perhaps that is what you need... crave the most. Some personal time to relax and indulge your senses. Remind yourself that you are beautiful; that every single part of you was made by a God who loves you. A God that made you the crowning glory of creation if you are woman. Let me check you in to one of our luxurious suites. There are large tubs, selections of candles, bath salts, and other feminine luxuries. There are books to engage your mind and images to entertain your senses. Perhaps, you need some time to become self absorbed. Get in touch with yourself. Behind this door, you will find something special just for you:

Gentle man, if you have perchance stopped here as well, God has made you to; in his image and as the care giver of all creation. You have a big job. Have you found the queen of your garden yet? Do you behold her as such? If you have lost your way, please, take your ease and rest. Find yourself again before you return to the cares of the world. I do have a few suites specially outfitted for my masculine travelers. But, please understand, at The Sword and the Butterfly, we specialize in healing the broken souls of the feminine species and re-uniting her with the true power of being a woman.

Within these walls, it is my true hope that you will find something that touches, heals, strengthens, or reveals that which you need the most.

Lady Liv


  1. Now I am crying. Tears are falling. I would love to be a frequent visitor to the sword and the butterfly inn. Thank you.

  2. Welcome Discordia, you know you have a home here any time you need it.